2014 Style Resolutions

Jan 27, 2014

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“A personal style is handwriting – it happens as a byproduct of our way of seeing things, enriched by the experiences of everything around us.” – Massimo Vignelli

Audrey Hepburn in capri pants and ballet flats, Diane von Furstenberg wearing feminine print wraps, and Catherine Deneuve’s iconic French chic style.  Each woman exhibits their own personal style first introducing themselves with the way they dress and continuing to further our understanding by how they live their lives.

The style we choose to exude each day is an introduction to the world of where we’ve been and know so far, who we are now and who we wish to become. And so as we are still in January, I wanted to share my 2014 style resolutions. A guideline of how to proceed into the new year when it comes to choices, spending and living so as to align with the mission statement of living a simply luxurious life.

1. Forget Sizes, Look at the Measurements

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” -Vera Wang

2013 introduced me to many new designers I hadn’t previously worn and the one thing I quickly learned was to dismiss the sizes (numbered or named) and find the sizing guide that includes the precise measurements. This is especially important if you are purchasing clothing internationally. While you will most always be in the same ballpark, if you are ordering online, this is your best insurance.

2. Invest in Quality Shoes & Handbags

“Shoes speak louder than words.” 

Earlier this month, I shared the benefits of investing in quality shoes. And while it’s important to note that quality does not equate necessarily to a high heel (although the stylized, red-carpet world would have us think so), but rather to a shoe that fits your lifestyle, is comfortable, is made of quality material to ensure it will last for years and fits in your budget. Handbags too fall into this category, and while saving up will take time, as the French have inspired me, a timeless quality tote completes even a casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble.

3. Regularly Edit Your Closet

While we are still in the doldrums of winter, take the time spent indoors to edit your wardrobe. Click here to view my step by step guide on how to organize your closet and create a wearable wardrobe you will love to go to each morning. Not sure what you should keep/toss? Use the simple hanger trick. Turn all hangers opposite of how you would normally hang them. Each time you wear an item, place it back in your closet as you typically would for easy access. At the end of six months, take note of which items you wore (hangers are situated regularly on the bar) and which ones you did not (hangers still facing the wrong direction. So long as they are not seasonal or special occasion, consider this a strong suggestion to donate, consign or toss.

4. Purchase Finishing Items

Wearing the proper undergarments – slips, Spanx, camisoles, strapless bras, etc – are a simple investment to add polish to any blouse, dress, skirt or pair of pants. Determine what items you need and investigate where to purchase the best quality you can afford.

5. Use Sales to Your Advantage Rather Than Being Taken Advantage of

One thing I know for sure is that sales can be magical or they can be catastrophic depending upon your preparedness. The key is to determine what you need, love and want. And as it is for those of us who are building a capsule wardrobe and wishing to purchase quality items, often the initial retail price is far out of reach. Do not be deterred. Mark these items that you would love to have, but can’t be full price for, with Hukkster. Their bookmarklet will keep track of when your item goes on sale and alert you immediately via email so that you can pounce before most people even know there is a sale. And because you have these alerts, you can unsubscribe to all of the brand email newsletter you receive on what seems like a daily basis, freeing up your inbox.

6. Statement Flats

This spring, flat shoes will be full of original statement making designs, textures and fabrics which is a wonderful reminder that wearing heels is not the only way to look chic, feminine and instantly chic. I’m eager to begin shopping the collections.

7. Look to be Inspired, Not be an Imitation

“Style – All who have it share one thing: originality.” – Diane Vreeland

Always looking for fashion and style inspiration, I highly doubt there will ever be a day I stop wanting to refine my look. However, it is important to always use the inspiration we find to solidify our own unique style and not mimic someone else. After all, our body’s shape, our skin tone, our lifestyle and most importantly our personality should be the ultimate decider on the style we exhibit each day.

8. Remember, Your Style Extends Beyond Your Wardrobe

“You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it you’re nobody. I’m not talking about a lot of clothes.” -Diane Vreeland

Most importantly, style doesn’t stop after we choose the clothes we will wear each day. Our signature style is revealed with how we behave, think, and live. Our homes, our conversations, our contributions and our attitude all speak to the style of our lives.

The gift of refining our style each year is that it allows us an opportunity to express our most authentic selves or the selves we are gradually evolving into. At first glance, style may be unfairly deemed superficial and unnecessary, but once you know the power one can possess simply by knowing and feeling confident in how they are presenting themselves, hopefully you too will be conscious of the impression you are sharing to a very visual world each and every day.

~And if you are looking for someone to help you create your own unique capsule wardrobe, be sure to check out TSLL online styling services.


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