This & That: No. 195

Feb 05, 2016

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~Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide by Frederic Lenoir

Europe has already discovered Frederic Lenoir’s book that dives deep into the concept of happiness and reveals that yes, indeed, happiness is possible. Finally, this past year, Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide became available in the U.S. Contemplating the teachings from the ancients Greeks along with “Aristotle, Plato, and Chuang Tzu to the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad; from Voltaire, Spinoza, and Schopenhauer to Kant, Freud, and modern neuroscientists”, the question What is happiness and how do we achieve it? is answered and answered thoroughly. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book.

~French Toast: An American in Paris Celebrating the Maddening Mysteries of the French by Harriet Welty Rochefort

An oldie, but a goodie. In 2010 Harriet Rochefort shared her experience of having lived in France for more than twenty years after having moved from Iowa. Sharing her thoughts on love, money, manners, schools and style, I have a feeling it will be a playful read indeed.


~Anthropologie Ceramic-Coated Cookware (white)

Made in Italy, this five piece ceramic-coated cookware set looks as beautiful as it is affordable. If you are looking for white cookware, which is hard to find at times when looking for quality, take a good look at Liquida Collection’s line at Anthropologie. It may just fit the budget and your taste.


~Charles Lloyd & The Marvels: I Long to See You

Always looking for more jazz to add to my collection, I read a review in The Wall Street Journal recently about saxophonist Charles Lloyd’s latest album, I Long to See You, and wanted to check it out. After listening to the album here, I discovered it was just what I was looking for. At 77, Lloyd blends classic with playful, and mastery with modernity.


~Rag & Bone Twill Jacket (navy)

Ideal for layering, and a classic color to pair with just about anything in your closet, Rag & Bone’s twill belted jacket is available in all sizes at the moment and at a reasonable price. I am looking it as an addition to my spring capsule wardrobe as it looks perfect for casual Fridays over a pair of jeans, dressed up with heels and a simple camisole.

~Longchamp ‘Le Pliage Cuir’ Continental Wallet

The one item I am in the market for currently is a quality leather wallet. And while I have my eyes on a few designs, and have yet to make my mind up, I came across Longchamp’s Le Pliage Cuir (the folding leather) and quickly put it on my wishlist. A simple black wallet (other colors available), perfect in size and in structure.



~recipe for French Onion Soup~

Welcome to the weekend! Welcome to Friday! Welcome to another day to get it right. This week on the blog has been full of a couple of anticipated announcements. For TSLL readers who have an Android phone and have been patiently waiting for TSLL App to become available, it now can be downloaded for free here (for iPhone users, the app is available here).

You may be wondering, what is the benefit of having the app? Having everything simply luxurious all in one place: the latest blog posts, podcasts (complete audio just as you would have in the Podcast App), the latest IG posts, Twitter feed and more (you can buy the book right from the app). With the tap of your finger, stay up-to-date on all things going on without having to visit your internet browser.

Also, readers have requested them, and now they are available: Week-at-Glance planner templates for TSLL Planner pages! With two different options, have a look here to see what they entail. For only $2, you can streamline your week along with your weekly menu and grocery shopping.

And with that, let me leave you with a handful of articles you might enjoy. Thank you for stopping by and until Sunday, bon week-end!

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~10 Things Science and Buddhism Says will Definitely Make You Happy

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~Learning the French language? Perhaps you’ve experienced these 12 Reactions that French Learners Can Totally Relate To.

~And speaking of France, The Ultimate Parisian Guide to Paris


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8 thoughts on “This & That: No. 195

  1. The cover of Frederic Lenoir’s book is irresistible and “French Toast” isn’t far behind. Thanks for those Shannon, I’ve added them both to my iPad library. Now I’m on my way to iTunes to check out Charles Lloyd.

    I hope you have a lovely Bend weekend.

  2. That twill jacket is one of those pieces where proportion is everything. 5’8″ and above? Likely a beautiful, functional piece that would be a great wardrobe addition. For the rest of us, it’s going to read more bathrobe or require some major tailoring.

  3. I devour all of your blogs ! If I had to clean out all of my blogs that I follow and just choose one, it would be yours hands down !
    Thank you for being you.

  4. Love it when you send recommendations for music–added your new jazz CD to my list today. Please send a long list!!!!

  5. I cannot wait to read Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide! It sounds like it’s going to be a winner. Also, love love love that gorgeous jacket!

  6. As usual another great This & That Shannon! I’ve recently come across a wonderful book – you may have already featured it, but just in case! It’s called A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable. I just started it today and can barely put it down. I can tell it’s going to be one of those books I won’t want to end!!

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