This & That: No. 192

Jan 15, 2016

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~Body of Truth: How Science, history and Culture Drive Our Obsession with Weight —and What We Can Do About It by Harriet Brown

Science journalist Harriet Brown dives into the four predominant myths in the weight-loss culture. Debunking research touted as truth, weight-loss businesses searching for the almighty dollar and much more, if you are frustrated with the obsession with weight and want to get off the merry-go-round, this is the book for you.


~Everyone’s Italian on Sunday by Rachael Ray

In October of the past year, cook, television show-host and all-around inspiring businesswoman Rachael Ray released her new cookbook which took two full years to complete. Quoted as stating the book is “the single most important work of my life”, the quality of recipes and attention to content demonstrates her passion for comforting Italian recipes. As most of her recipes begin from the platform of classic Italian cooking, she offers traditional and amped-up, delicious options in her latest cookbook.


~The Lady in the Van

Being released today, Maggie Smith stars as Mary Shepherd, an elderly woman who for fifteen years, lived in a worn-out, beaten up van on writer Alan Bennett’s driveway in Camden. Based on Bennett’s West End’s play of the same name which hit the stage in 1999, Smith also starred as Shepberd winning a nomination for Best Actress in 2000 (Olivier Award). Based on Bennett’s actual experience in the 1970s of what began as a contentious relationship with Shepherd the story offers a discovery of an amazingly talent woman now living in fear of arrest. Being released in the United States today, have a look at the trailer below.


~Eileen Fisher Long-Sleeve Jersey Dress

One of the most flattering necklines for all women is the bateau. Revealing a glimpse of the clavicle without showing anything more, it is classic, versatile and brings the attention to the woman’s personality. Available for pre-order (2016 spring collection) is Eileen Fisher’s black (oregano is also available) long-sleeve jersey dress. Ideal for travel as well as work or play, for under $200, a wonderful piece for a capsule wardrobe.


~Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper (other colors available)

Offering extreme protection for phones without a bulky case, the Rhino Shield crash guard for smart phones (multiple sizes available) is a worthwhile investment if you are prone to dropping your phone. Recommended on CBS Sunday Morning, I took note as from time to time, my phone happens to slip off the table or out of my hand.


~Angie Tribeca

On TBS binge-watching will be made available in real-time beginning on January 17th with the premiere of Angie Tribeca. Produced by Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy, for 25 straight hours, the satirical police procedural show offers 10 full episodes starring Rashida Jones, Hayes MacArthur, Jere Burns, Deon Cole, and Andree Vermeulen. Critics are raving and a second season has already been ordered. Will you be tuning in? Have a look at the trailer below.

sunday ilniege


~recipe for Baked French Toast with Yogurt & Fruit~

Thursday afternoon I found myself mesmerized by the falling snow outside my classroom window. So much so, that students were kindly smiling and chuckling at my preoccupation with le la neige (practicing my French, please forgive me).  Truly though, it was stunningly pristine. The white flakes  flurrying amongst the pine trees, and the ground quickly becoming disguised by snow.

I continue to be a starry-kid in my new world of Bend, and I do hope this colt-like feeling never entirely leaves my consciousness. This evening as I penned this post, the snow continued to tumble to the ground, and my car, yard and back porch are now entirely white. Perpetually fascinated and forever intrigued with the beauty of the place I am fortunate to call home, I gazed out the window and reminded myself that I needed to pick up my own pair of YakTrax so my next walk with the boys will be fall-free (I will spare you the story of last Friday’s walk along the river).

With the extended weekend here in the states as we remember the strides Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made, I plan on doing a bit, or a lot, of cross-country skiing, typing away at my computer, brunching with new friends, catching up over the phone with old and reveling in the present. Wherever you are today, no matter where you call home, whether it is brilliantly warm or frigidly chilly, indulge in something only your town/city/countryside can offer. Remind yourself of the goodness, of the wonderment that is right outside your front door.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by TSLL blog. I continue to be truly grateful for your interest in living simply luxuriously, exactly how your life wants to be lived so you can reach your full potential. Bon weekend!

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  1. The film, “The Lady in the Van”, a wonderful film with the amazing Maggie Smith, it didn’t even get a nomination for this year’s Academy Awards, it should have!
    I f I had the cash, I would buy every single item in Eileen Fisher’s collection, I can dream can’t I?

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