This & That: No. 182

Oct 30, 2015

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~Hermès Silk Knots

I do believe I’ve mentioned this app before, but as the season for warmth is coming quickly, I made sure to reload this app on my home to offer refresher courses on a handful of creative and classic ways to tie the scarves that I will certainly be reaching for to complete my look and offer warmth. Full of quick video tutorials, the app is free and you can be sure to find the precise finishing look you are searching for.


~Finding Yourself in the Kitchen: Kitchen Meditations and Inspired Recipes from a Mindful Cook by Dana Velden

Cooking for me is a simple luxury because it not only offers the opportunity to eat exactly what I want, but a side benefit is the daily therapy and creative release it offers as well. With my attention and focus solely on what I am preparing, I must stay in the moment. Therefore, the day, no matter what may have occurred, is placed on the shelf, allowing me to unwind, relax and appreciate the ingredients I get to work with. Author and cook Dana Velden released a book this past September, Finding Yourself in the Kitchen that is compiled of essays that while offering practical cooking tips also explores the what cooking can teach us about life. From being curiosity to finding the beauty in the unexpected, if you’re looking for a book to read each night before you go to bed, this may be a lovely evening pairing to your nightly ritual.


~Twelve Recipes

Many of the cooking books I have been placing on my wish list lately have arose from tuning into The Splendid Table’s weekly podcast. Such was the case with chef Cal Peternell’s new cookbook Twelve Recipes. Inspired by his son’s recipe for assistance while away at college, Peternell’s twelve recipes offer immaculate images and illustrations to assist each of us on our quest to become a confident cook.

Francophile Find

~The Most Beautiful Walk in the World: A Pedestrian in Paris by John Baxter

While published four years ago, if you are Francophile or about to travel to Paris and explore the city, pick up this walking guide that offers oodles of routes to satiate your curiosity. From paths trekked by famous artists and writers, you will not only see the city, but discover some of its secrets and memories along the way.


~New Yorker Radio Hour

Yet another podcast that I listen to now when I am walking is the weekly New York Radio Hour. Having just debuted last week, the podcast while sponsored by The New Yorker magazine offers entirely exclusive content inspired by the most recent current events and discussions.


~Emerson Fry Coats & Jacket Sale

Looking for a stylish, classic winter coat or jacket? You are in luck. Emerson Fry is offering 40% all of their jackets and coats through this coming  Sunday. Use promo code EFCoats1015 and take advantage of their moving sale. Here are a few coats that caught my eye: here, here and here.


~Hamlet, starring Benedict Cumberbatch with the National Theatre Live

I will admit, I have never seen Hamlet performed on stage, and it has been ages since I have read or taught the play. However, one of my favorite Shakespearean plays, so when I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was starring as Hamlet, my ears perked up. While his performance began on August 5 and wraps up tomorrow (October 31st) in London at the Barbican Centre, a handful of select cities will be able to see his performance in their local movie theater. I have my eye set on the November 21st offering in Portland, but there are many dates and times, so be sure to check here to see if you will be able to enjoy the performance even if London isn’t your primary zip code.

pumpkinpeach ~recipe for Pumpkin Peach Cobbler~

The last few days of October are upon us. I can hardly believe it. However, the good news is that pumpkin desserts and other delicious gourd recipes have ample time to be enjoyed. In particular the dessert above is looking quite delectable, and very simple indeed.

While I will be taking it easy this weekend, which is a sweet dream come true for me, I will be planning and dreaming, losing all track of time which is never a bad way to spend a few days of leisure, no? I do hope you have scrumptious plans for the weekend. After all, the holidays will be upon us before we know it, so why not take a deep breath and savor the everyday routine before all of the excitement, travel and festivities begin? Before I go, a few articles you might enjoy are below. And until Monday, joyeux Vendredi!

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~7 Tips to Keep Your Time Management Simple

~10 Mistakes Intelligent People Never Make Twice

~Thoughts About A Minimalist Economy

~An Ambivalent Marriage and the Toll on Your Health

~45 Things Americans Think When They Visit France for the First Time

~The November issue of Vogue just arrived in my mailbox and will certainly be part of my leisurely activities this weekend. Have a look at the interview with Angelina Jolie Pitt here.




9 thoughts on “This & That: No. 182

  1. Shannon ~ thank you SO much for alerting me to the Hamlet production’s stop in Portland! I bought my tickets to the Sunday 11/22 evening show right away; both Saturday evening shows are already sold out.
    I can always count on you for insight into cultural events that hit the great northwest – just one of the many reasons I am a regular follower of your blog.

    Best ~ Jenny in Portland

  2. What a lovely post of delightful things I can’t wait to explore and research further this weekend! I adore your podcasts and blog and have never taken the time to tell you. Thank you so much for all the fabulous content! 🙂

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you for another wonderful list of loveliness! Cumberbatch is amazing as Hamlet, and there is so much that is breathtaking throughout the performance. A stellar cast and mesmeric production. I am sure you will love it!
    Many thanks and bon weekend,

  4. I just flew back from London Thursday night, I managed to get tickets to Hamlet at the Barbican theatre a few months ago! It was such an incredible production! Benedict was of course amazing, I’m so glad they filmed it for everyone else to enjoy.

  5. The National Theatre Live is the most exciting thing happening to traditional movie theaters in a very long time. Saw Street Car of Desire last year–beyond incredible!

  6. Hi Shannon,
    Can’t recommend Hamlet highly enough. Sian Brooke’s peformance as Ophelia, in particular, is mesmerising. The NT Live broadcasts are just the best thing EVER. Things sell out so quickly; tried and failed to get tickets to see Liaisons Dangereuses at the Donmar, and was so happy to see they are broadcasting it in January. Off to see Kenneth Branagh’s interpretation of ‘A Winter’s Tale’, tomorrow. Loved this play when I studied it at Uni, so really excited to see this production.

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