This & That: No. 181

Oct 23, 2015

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~My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem

Being released next Tuesday, political activist, writer, and leader Gloria Steinem will release her book My Life on the Road. With the purpose of reminding us all that “living in an open, observant, and ‘on the road’ state of mind can make a difference in how we learn, what we do, and how we understand each other”, she exemplifies through her own journey through life how indeed this is true. Read Jane Kramer of The New Yorker‘s profile piece on Steinem and her forthcoming book here. When asked the repeated question of who she will pass the torch to in order to keep the feminist ideals alive, she admits to becoming angry because “There is no one torch—there are many torches—and I’m using my torch to light other torches. There shouldn’t have been a ‘first’ Gloria Steinem, and there won’t be a last one.”


~The New Easy by Donna Hay

Last weekend a reader shared with me the name Donna Hay. An Australian food stylist and cook who has multiple cookbooks already prompted a loyal following, I took notice immediately. With her more recent cookbook The New Easy having been released this past week (October 20), it offers simple, delicious, no fuss recipes for the busy cook. Having put this book in TSLL bookshop as it adheres to the preferred approach to life – keeping it as simple as possible while ensuring a quality experience – I wanted to thank Ramona for bringing Donna Hay to my attention.

A few of her other many cookbooks that captured my attention were Seasons,  Fresh & Light, and No Time to Cook . . . oh, and don’t forget Simple Essentials: Chocolate.


~The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels

Being released in early November, decor blogger Melissa Michaels shares what has made her blog a success: simple ways to turn the home you live in into the home you love. With DIY tips and tricks, she offers room-by-room ideas including quick changes to lighting and organization that can make a tremendous difference.



The hunt for the elusive third Michelin star is the prize as Bradley Cooper stars as Adam Jones, a talented but troubled chef. Hobbled by his erratic behavior and drug use, he attempts to rebuild his career in London before heading to Paris to attain his goal. Being released today, have a look at the trailer below. I must admit, Paris, food, Bradley Cooper . . . it may just be a lovely menage to indulge in this weekend.


Now this is the film I have been patiently waiting to watch. Starring Carey Mulligan with a cameo by Meryl Streep as the well-known British militant suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst, the film follows the trials of pursuit for the vote in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The historical biopic takes viewers along to reveal the underground movement that women organized when Parliament refused them the vote.

With the British Parliament permitting scenes to be filmed in the hallowed halls of London, the film looks to be riveting. Owning the originally derogatory term “suffragette”, the writer Abi Morgan and director Sarah Gavron provide a moving reminder of all that once was not available to women.

Did you know? In 1918 women in Britain earned the right to vote at the age of 30 if they met certain property requirements, but it was in 1928 that full enfranchisement was given to women 21 years and older. While Emmeline Pankhurst did not live to see the official day when the right became legal (July 2nd); however, she did know it was on its way to becoming a reality when she died in June of 1928. Have a look at the trailer below:


~Generation Love Corinne Boucle Jacket

A classic boucle jacket is something that I am always on the look-out for, and this neutral black, gray and white one will pair well with just about anything. Lasting for seasons, while an investment, it will certainly be worth it.


~recipe for Chocolate Pie~

Sipping on something hot while nibbling on something decadently chocolatey . . . yep, that would be an ideal way to pass some time on the weekend, no? Having a regular routine is something I do savor, but I also enjoy moments of excitable change. I find that my creativity benefits greatly, and I am reminded how easy it is to become complacent.

Perhaps a jolt of culture in any variety of mediums, music, art, or dance, or simply changing of the workout routine to challenge your mind and body all the while seeing a different trail or part of town or the country you rarely visit. Such simple alterations to our everyday routine or weekend leisure make the everyday all the more something to savor.

Speaking of mixing it up somewhat, below are a few articles and one music video I think you might enjoy, and until Monday, joyeux vendredi!

~Traveling to Paris? Guess what just opened next to the iconic Shakespeare & Company bookshop? A Shakespeare & Company cafe! The perfect pairing indeed!

~Inspired by decor on television? These 15 Rooms offer endless decor as seen on television in your favorite shows. From SATC to FRIENDS and House of Cards, be prepared to be inspired.

~Feeling stuck and afraid to strive for the success you dream about? Read this: 4 Fears That Are Keeping You From Success

~Joanna Goddard shares 10 Great Audiobooks you may want to listen to rather than read while you travel, commute or simply relax.

~One blogger that I follow without fail, Heather Clawson has just arrived in Paris, and I will be checking in daily to see where her travels take her.

~Speaking of traveling to France, learning a new language. Here are 7 profound benefits that occur when we acquire a second tongue.

~Finally, she is back. She is Adele. On November 20th her third and much anticipated follow-up album to her 6-time Grammy winning 21 album will drop. Titled 25 (pre-order here), I am on tenterhooks to hear the entire list of new songs, but today . . . a teaser. The first track on the album “Hello was released today. Have a look and have a listen.

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