This & That: No. 174

Sep 04, 2015

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~52 Cups of Coffee: Inspiring and Insightful Stories for Navigating Life’s Uncertainties

Author Megan Gebhart, inspired to learn about life before rather than settle into a 9-5 job straight out of college, challenged herself to sit down with 52 different people each week of the year following graduating from college. Having the opportunity to sit down with the co-founder of Apple and someone as young as a kindergartener during their recess, she discovered a multitude of perspectives on life and career success. This looks like a great book full of short essays full of inspiration.

~Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By

Cary Siegel has a hit money book on her hands. And while the book came out a few years ago, it’s worth reading or giving to a young graduate just starting out on their own. Initially created for his children, it focuses on eight core financial principles which include a total of 99 principles to help readers better master their money.



Audiences continue to rave about the Broadway musical Hamilton. Chronicling the life of the historical figure we’ve been taught in U.S. History classes as the founding father, first Secretary of the Treasury and all after being born out of wedlock. The musical follows his life and has been receiving much applause from critics and audiences. It just recently opened this past August and looks to be on stage for quite some time. If you happen to be going to New York City, this just may be the perfect blend between history and musical entertainment.


~The Yellow Table: A Celebration of Everyday Gatherings by Anna Watson Carl

Inspired by her blog, but ultimately long ago during her study abroad experience in France during college, author Anna Watson Carl has created a lovely cookbook. Having the opportunity to have my own copy, this is my kind of cookbook. Why? She thoughtfully shares 110 simple seasonal recipes, many with the details of wine pairings and accompanies in the second chapter Wine Pairing 101. Stop by her blog to get a feel of what the cookbook is all about, but I have a feeling you will be inspired to put this cookbook on your wish list.


~A Walk in the Woods

Based on author Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (2006), and his experience as he hiked the 2000 plus mile trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine, Robert Redford has taken this best-selling travel-guide and turned it into a must-watch film for your weekend entertainment. Starring himself as Bryson and Nick Nolte as well as Emma Thompson who plays Bryson’s wife, the journey is majestic, hilarious, exhausting and at moments thrilling. While the two actors didn’t walk the entire trail as Bryson did, they did hike a handful of parts multiple times for taping as Redford recalled in an interview for Here & Now. Have a look at the trailer below. The film hits theaters today.


~Cecile McLorn Salvant

Always looking for new jazz music to enjoy, I was perusing the pages of The Wall Street Journal yesterday, when I discovered Cecile McLorn Salvant. With a new album (not her first, be sure to listen to her album Woman Child, as it is continually adored by critics) being released today (Sept. 4), For One to Love is a one of the few jazz albums with vocals I will be enjoying. previewing it on Apple’s iMusic, I was impressed.

~Ladies of London, season 2 premiere

I know, I know. But every season I indulge in at least one guilty pleasure of a reality show that allows me to completely get out of my head, relax, laugh and see the world of destinations I love (New York City, London, etc). Premiering on Monday night at 10pm on Bravo, the Ladies of London return for their second season of drama from across the pond.


~recipe for Dark Chocolate Espresso Panna Cotta~

With September beginning this week, I am excited. Excited as the new school year begins and with it many new adventures that I cannot even imagine. Even if you’re not involved with the start of school in any way, September offers the opportunity of something new: a new season, a new wardrobe, a new book, a new film, a new way of approaching your everyday routines. So many much-anticipated films, books and shows wait purposely to be released in the fall as they garner audience’s and critic’s full attention. What is on your list to see and enjoy?

TSLL Fall 2015 Shopping Guide was just released on Tuesday to a great response. Readers are clicking and shopping and many are heading over to TSLL Online Shop where I have refreshed the selection for ample fall wardrobe essentials. Do be sure to have a look now or anytime throughout the season.

If you’re looking to start off September on the right foot, be sure to check out TSLL Back-to-Work/School Checklist and as per the French’s annual La Rentrée, check out a post from last year, 12 Ways to Celebrate La Rentrée. And while yes, a new season is beginning, so too is a weekend, and we all need to slow down to enjoy these few days of freedom from expectation. Here in the states, it is the long Labor Day weekend, but either way, I have some reading material you might enjoy. Until next time, bon weekend!

~The Coveteur interviewed J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons and takes us into her office . . .

~If you’re a fan like I am of Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic, you will not want to miss a tour of her Francophile inspired Upper East Side apartment on One King’s Lane.

~8 Signs Your Relationship Is Built to Last . . . a thoughtful list to check out

~Are high heels a part of your wardrobe? 6 Tricks to Make Your High Heels More Comfortable from Women’s Wear Daily

~And a list worth taking a look at regardless of your age: Six Money Milestones to Hit While You’re In Your Thirties





2 thoughts on “This & That: No. 174

  1. So many links, so little time! This post will keep me very busy this holiday weekend. Thank you for the wealth of information.

  2. Re: Six money milestones to hit while you are in your thirties…Wow. I am just into my 40s and my husband and I have paid off all debt, but we do have 2 children and the day care costs me 63% of my monthly salary. Death and taxes are a certainty, but so is inflation. The dollars seem to go less and less far each year. We are doing ok, but I honestly don’t know how some people are managing to get by when we find it so difficult. And there are no fancy extras: I have a flip phone with the battery taped on and no family vacation this year. Thank you for your website. It really is one of my little luxurious indulgences!

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