This & That: No. 172

Aug 21, 2015

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~Gods & Heroes Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum

The summer art exhibit to visit in Portland, Oregon, this summer is nearing a close. Having opened in June and running through September 13th, Gods & Heroes: Masterpieces from the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, brings to museum-goers more than 140 works of art from as early as the seventeenth century Parisian artists through the nineteenth century. With the title of the exhibit, Gods & Heroes the themes focus on courage, sacrifice, and death, as well as “the ways that changing political and philosophical systems affected the choice and execution of these subjects”. Here are just a few of the artists who are included: Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Anne-Louis Girodet, and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres; sculpture by Antoine-Louis Barye, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, and François Rude.

The museum is open each day of the week except Mondays and admission is $15 per adult, $12 for seniors (55+ and college students and free if you are a member or a child under age 17. Have a quick peek at the exhibit below:


~Chef’s Planet’s All Purpose Cruet

Infinitely desirous of stylish, yet functional decor in my home as not to clutter, but rather enhance in both arenas, I was blown-away by my new EVOO dispenser. After popping into a local kitchen shop, Kitchen Complements, I discovered Chef’s Planet’s all-purpose cruet. Beautifully designed, I am saving up for one more for my balsamic vinegar, as there is no drip and beautiful design. (Other styles and sizes here.)


~recipe for cantaloupe and cucumber salad~


~She’s Funny That Way

Critics may not be going mad about Peter Bogdanovich film She’s Funny That Way, which he also directed, but I am ecstatically curious and think it will be a delight to watch. Being released today to limited theaters involving an all-star cast, the film has been in the works for nearly ten years. Three’s Company actor John Ritter was originally the man envisioned for the lead male role that Owen Wilson now inhabits, but unfortunately that was not meant to be. However, if you loved Ritter’s innocent, playful humor, the film is one I think you will enjoy.

The comedy captures the behind-the-scenes drama of a Broadway play that is endless as who is sleeping with whom and why is hard to keep up with, but infinitely hilarious. Jennifer Aniston again appears to shine, stunner Imogen Poots is caught in the middle, former SNL star Kathryn Hahn and many more recognizable names grace the screen. Put it on your “Must-Watch” list and perhaps you will be lucky enough to enjoy it in theaters this weekend.


~Brooks Brother’s wrinkle free broadcloth PJs

Men’s pajamas. For me, I have a hard time finding pajamas without pink trim or pinstripes when it comes to finding a classic white pajama. So I’ve learned that shopping in the men’s department is the perfect fix. I purchase size small and with my long legs and broad shoulders, it works out beautifully. Brooks Brother’s wrinkle free pajamas were recently featured in The Wall Street Journal and for under $100, I couldn’t resist. There are many other options, and there is a women’s selection as well, just not wrinkle-free.

~Theory Amitara Navy Silk Wrap Midi Dress

Okay, navy lovers. I had the opportunity to purchase this Theory dress last spring on sale, and thankfully it is available again, reduced 55%. Buy your true size and love the feel against your skin, but also the versatility. I’ve worn it to work and for evenings out. It is a midi dress, so it will hit below the knee, but it is a classic fit. Enjoy!


~Documentary Now!

If you have been missing your Saturday Night Live during the summer months, channel IFC may have the ideal fix. Former SNL alums Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers are teaming up for a project they have been vying to do for quite some time. Documentary Now! premiered last night (Thursday) on IFC at 10pm and will be offering six episodes in its first season. Parodying well-known world-renowned documentaries, the series has already been picked up for a second season. In front of the screen will be Hader and Armisen, hosting the show will be Dame Helen Mirren with her ideal tongue-in-cheek British jest and Seth Meyers will remain behind the camera as the executive producer. Intrigued? Watch the entire first episode for free here.


~recipe for Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream Slice~

The last few weekends in August often are the sweetest, as we are savoring what summer has produced and enjoying delightfully warm, but not extreme weather. Knowing that the everyday routine is about to begin, these days are appreciated all the more. And so I find myself taking one last mini-vacation to the coast before school begins. The boys and I will be packing up and impatiently waiting to feel the sand between our toes (and paws). Don’t worry, the blog will continue its daily postings, so inspiration will be readily available when you wish to stop by.  😉

Aside from that, doesn’t that cool crumble bar above look scrumptious? Perhaps a stop at the farmer’s market is calling if nothing else to recreate the deliciousness that is no doubt just a recipe away.

Before I wrap up, a few articles I think you might enjoy reading this weekend, and be sure to tune into tomorrow’s Au Courant of the podcast, where in 15 minutes or less you will be au courant! Until then, bon weekend.

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~A belated birthday wish to Julia Child (August 15) who would have been 103, and in homage, her Lemon Chicken recipe. Perhaps for dinner this weekend?

~And because you just might be curious, 13 (Almost Unbelievable) Facts You Never Knew About Anna Wintour


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