This & That: No. 165

Jul 03, 2015

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Tea, tea/coffee cups, a journal, a cookbook, pajamas and a heavenly candle. Looks like a lovely combination of simple luxuries for relaxing downtime  . . .


~A Simple Feast: A Year of Stories and Recipes to Savor and Share

Diane Yen presents how and what to cook during each of the four seasons. Being mindful of what the earth makes in abundance briefly for each season, A Simple Feast shares beautiful images and paired recipes of how to cook what can be picked up at your local farmers’ market. I had the opportunity to flip through this cookbook this past weekend, and it is beautiful in its layout and offerings. I know many of us don’t have the luxury of eating from our gardens year round; therefore, this cookbook may shed new light on food you had forgotten was available in the throes of winter and beyond.


~Nest Candles

While perusing along Elm Street in New Canaan, I happened into a home decor boutique that offered all of the accessories that finish each room in the house: kitchenware, dishes, candles, bowls, vases, etc. And one item I wanted to purchase, but knew I didn’t have room in my suitcase to carry was a candle from Nest. As a fan of lavender, their Cedar Leaf and Lavender candles took my breath away as the scent was magnificent, and they also have an array of scents and sizes that will no doubt fill your home in the most wonderful way.

~Scrabble Letter Mug

Perhaps it’s the word lover in me or maybe it is simply me being nostalgic, but one of the mugs in the apartment I stayed at while visiting Manhattan this past week was a Scrabble mug. Coincidentally enough, I saw them in a stationery shop in New Canaan, and I while I don’t believe in “signs”, I must admit, I was drawn to it. As a teacher and a writer, I love my cup of tea in the morning to start the day, and for some reason, a personalized mug of sorts is always my preference. Well, whether you live in the UK or the states, the letter of your choosing can be yours. The font is slightly different for the UK mug (as was seen in a recent 007 film) compared to the ones available in the US, but still, the design in all other regards is the same.


~Desmond & Dempsey’s Pajamas

From short sets to long sets, Desmond & Dempsey’s pajamas are made with 100% cotton and mother of pearl buttons. A luxury that will look as lovely as they are to sleep in.


~Rifle Paper Co. Parisian Journals

Last Saturday I posted the photo below on Instagram, and a few of you noticed and asked about the book/journal that was below Marie Kondo’s book. Picked up at Elm Street Books, it is actually a journal from Rifle Paper Co. from their Parisian collection, and in even better news, it’s on sale for less than $13. There are many others available, but this one can be yours. The pages are not lined, simply blank, but it could be a nice gift or the journal to collect your thoughts that you’ve been looking for.


Tea Lovers


Recommended by Tiffani Rogers of Style by Tiffani, is a tea I am eager to try. Always looking for quality tea in the states (as I’ve already fallen in love with a few brands from Paris and London), this company may be right up my alley, and yours as well. Served at a recent gathering at a local bookstore in Greenwich, CT, Diane’s Books (I have now put this destination on my must-visit list as well), the tea came highly recommended.


~recipe for Patriotic Cheesecake Parfaits~

So, it’s hot. Excruciatingly hot, but the good news is that the weekend is here and hopefully you have access to either water to cool down in, great food to indulge in or cool accommodations to hide away in. Having returned to Oregon yesterday and being greeted by 105 temperatures, I am now escaping to a cooler place for a few days. The past week and a half has been amazing, and now my feet need a rest and so does my mind (and most importantly, I miss my boys).

Sometimes I think that is what summer holidays are all about, resting the mind. We all need to do this regularly, and as a result, our work, our relationships and ultimately, our lives benefit greatly. Whether you are stateside or an international reader, I hope you have plans in the next three months to get away or at least slow down. If nothing else to catch up on sleep and your thoughts to assess the goals you have been working so tremendously hard to forge forward towards. Sometimes we need a rerouting, but often, we just need a rest to allow us to rev our engines back up. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy a bit of reading material below. Until Monday (as the podcast will return!), bon weekend!

~Having just returned from traveling from one coast to the next, this article – 15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely to be Successful – caught my eye

~A thoughtful response to Justice Kennedy’s commentary on the gay marriage decision from a single person’s perspective: The Lonely Heart’s Club

~Take a look at the schedules of highly successful people. You might be surprised and inspired of how so much is in each of our reach.

~American Ballet Theater announced unprecedented news on Tuesday involving Misty Copeland. Certainly a reminder of tending to our dreams and being unrelenting in the pursuit.

~Mental strength allows for so much more contentment in our lives; read this post to be inspired to strengthen the muscle of your mind – 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

~Short and Powerful: 10 Ways Happy People Choose Happiness

~Monday may be a few days away, so save reading this article until Sunday evening for your dose of inspiration: 7 Monday Morning Habits of Highly Successful People



~No. 164: jazzy French tunes, a great summer read, a great summer straw hat and more

~No. 163: a cotton robe to luxuriate in, PBS’s return of a favorite, a simple sandal and more

~No. 162: a lovely French rom-com, a travel book for fellow Francophiles, a blues/jazz record to add to your collection and more

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6 thoughts on “This & That: No. 165

  1. I can attest to the wonderfulness of Nest candles. Their Bamboo scent is my personal favorite, but my next purchase will be the Peony, just for a change. These are the longest lasting candles I have ever owned and they softly perfume the house even when not lit. They are well worth searching out and the investment.

  2. I really enjoyed the lonely hearts club article, even though I am married. As most married people can attest, marriage is all about the loss of dignity, the loss of control…the loss of self, even. Not all the time, but some of the time. We, too, experience heart wrenching loneliness, and we hope that our single friends know that we are absolutely thrilled to have them. We are just as much your friends as we ever were. I read a wonderful article, I think it was in More magazine, or perhaps Redbook, called “How you’re Not Helping” about ways we can really be there for our friends. A must-read!

        1. Thanks for the link to the lonely hearts club article. Great reading. I believe that people should be acknowledged for who they are as individuals, not based on their relationship status.

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