This & That: No. 161

Jun 05, 2015

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~Chanel CC Cream Complete Correction Sunscreen (SPF 25-32)

As I was flipping through one of my fashion magazines last week, I came across a recommendation of Chanel’s sunscreen. And since my curiosity was piqued, I looked a little further. Not only does Chanel’s sunscreen contain a higher SPF than most designer beauty tinted moisturizers (typically 15), it also serves as a primer in many ways as well. Be sure to read the reviews provided by the link, but if you’re willing to invest, and don’t want to put too many different products on your face as it serves as your basic semi-sheer foundation, you might want to have a look.


~Happily Ali After: And Other Fairly True Tales by Ali Wentworth

As only comedian and actress Ali Wentworth can, the follow-up book to her best-selling Ali in Wonderland, looks to be filled with her unique and engagingly hilarious voice. Inspired by maxims appearing in her Twitter feed, Wentworth attempted to follow their advice and then took a detour from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project to experience what turned out at times to be the “Unhappiness Project”. Much like a girlfriend you could spend hours talking and laughing with without editing a word, if you’re looking for a slice of humor, you may have found your book.

~Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell

Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell returns on June 23rd with her latest novel, Killing Monica. Perhaps inspired by her own road of success derived by the iconic character Carrie Bradshaw, PJ Wallis, the protagonist of the tale is a writer who after having crafted the beloved Monica (a young woman making her way in Manhattan), wishes now only to kill her and write something completely outside of the audience’s expectation. Not without her publisher and husband begging her to stay the course as it is a cash cow, she finally finds the courage, and the books takes the readers along for the ride. I must say, I think this will be ideal summer reading.

~Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance by Jennifer L. Scott

I couldn’t wait to share with you, but I wanted to give you the head’s up. Jennifer L. Scott (of the Daily Connoisseur blog) has just announced her third book’s release date. Tuesday October 27th mark your calendars for her resource of a book all about simple everyday lessons in poise that will take you from work to hosting effortlessly elegantly without batting an eye.


~Chance Stripe Pajamas

When Julia Leach first began her company, Chance, a couple of years ago, the stripe fanatic that I am was beyond exuberant. Why? Well, it’s all about stripes – classic stripes. And while a nautical top is an ideal essential to have in our closet, a luxury that I splurged on and still love to wear to bed is a pair of her classic stripe pocket pajamas. Available in a couple of different options as you can see above, save up and rest-assured, the quality cotton sleep set will last for years.


~The Tempest

Shakespeare in the Park has begun in New York City, and it is The Tempest that is currently available to the audience to enjoy. Starring Sam Waterston of Law & Order and more recently Grace & Frankie fame, Shakespeare’s tale of young love and old enemies is directed by Tony award winner Michael Greif. While I am going to do my best to see a production on my upcoming trip to NYC, it most certainly won’t be easy. But who knows, I might just get lucky!


mangotango~recipe for Raspberry Mango Tango Smoothie~

What a week it has been. With careful attention being paid to correcting some technical glitches on the blog to wrapping up the last few days with my seniors, there has been only a few spare hours to sit down and breathe, but the good news is that all has come to a positive resolution.

As I mentioned last week, for anyone who is a subscriber to the daily emails, the delivery has been held up. *fingers crossed* Thankfully, everything should be back up and working: The app, Bloglovin, Feedly, and Pulse should all be updating as they should (you may have to delete and re-add TSLL feed on Feedly and Pulse as that was my experience). If you receive two emails with the same posts, be sure to delete your Feedburner account and not your Aweber as I am shifting entirely over to Aweber and trying to let go of Feedburner as it is not as well-tended to. If you still are not receiving your daily emails as you have in the past, please do let me know. Needless to say, it has made me evermore appreciative for the many days, months and years everything has run smoothly.

And with that, the weekend. Perhaps you will get to indulge in some outdoor leisure, or pop on by the local farmers’ market to pick up the perfect ingredients for the delicious smoothie shown above. Whatever you choose to do, have a wonderful time. For your reading pleasure this week, you will find a handful articles you might enjoy below. And with that, until Monday, bon weekend!

~Learn from those who know . . . 5 Powerful Rituals of Mentally Strong People

~SJP launches a bridal shoe line, after all, it is June

~Knowledge can be procured anywhere . . . 10 Life Lessons You Learn in the Real World, Not in School

~School may be out, but if you’re a parent who is reveling in an empty nest, you will love this article from The Wall Street JournalSchool’s Out Forever

~It really is the simple things that make a big difference . . . 10 Small Things People Overlook Which Actually Matter for Success

~Ah, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a few all-time favorite commencement addresses. Marie Claire UK rounds up the top 10 Speeches by Inspirational Women, and I would highly recommend Nora Ephron’s if you have time to listen.

~Forgo multi-tasking and try single tasking, you might just be amazed by the increased productivity

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