This & That: No. 131

Oct 31, 2014

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Books, red wine, relationships, a bit of humor . . . yep, it’s all here in today’s This & That.



If you are an avid book reader and as well appreciate the business model of Netflix in which you can stream endless movies around your schedule without having to buy the DVD, you are going to love Oyster. For only $9.95, readers can stream more than half a million books to their smart phone or tablet and never be without something to peruse. From fiction to children’s literature, this app is a must-have. Download here.


~The closest app I have found to Hukkster is the WishClouds app. How does it work? Simply save the items you wish to purchase but won’t until the price is dropped, then when the price cut occurs, the app notifies you via email. It’s not as simple to use as Hukkster due to the fact that they don’t have a bookmarklet that you can easily click when you are shopping online, but the premise is the same. I just opened my account and am curious to see how it goes.

~Article to Read

~6 Ways to Stop Jealousy from Breaking Your Heart

Marc and Angel always offer worthwhile real-life advice, and in their upcoming new course, Getting Back to Happy, one of the topics is relationships.  With a glimpse into what the course will cover, they offer a short video on the topic of jealousy and how to tackle it and eradicate it from your life. Because as we know, if you’ve ever experienced the feeling, it’s not a productive way to build healthy, lasting relationships. Have a look, I think you will enjoy.

~Red Wine is the Drink of Choice on ‘Scandal’ and ‘The Good Wife’

On a lighter topic, let’s talk food, wine and female protagonists’ drink of choice on television. The New York Times takes a closer look at what the director’s choice means. Could something as simple as how and when the actresses drink the adult grape juice hold a deeper insight than we first might have missed? Read to find out.


~Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Comedian and actress, Amy Poehler’s first book was just released on Tuesday and is already racing up the charts. Full of personal stories, advice about life (take or toss), hilarious quips about sex, love, parenting and more, if you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud read that also will give you pause from time to time, you might want to check it out.


~Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook: More than 1,000 of the world’s best recipes for today’s kitchen

The editors of the highly revered cooking magazine, Saveur, are now offering readers a compilation of recipes for just about every type of dish. Straight from the trusted pages of the magazine, organized into 16 chapters, structured by course and food type, at-home chefs will have daily inspiration for just about anything their tastebuds are craving.


truffles~recipe for chocolate truffles

More moments of breath catching is what I am craving this weekend. And while I won’t be able to attend an art exhibit, as that would certainly be something up my alley, quiet time for reflection, I am looking forward to weekend chats over coffee, indulging in a yoga class and who knows what else. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well. Here are a few articles I think you might enjoy reading:

~A simple, but insightful dating tip to always keep in mind from Cup of Jo

~Looking for a confidence boost? These inspiring quotes may be just the perfect medicine.

~And one of my favorite weekly columns in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, “Table for Three”, paired up actress Julianna Margulies and Senator Kristen Gillibrand. An interesting conversation followed.

~Can too much positive thinking be a bad thing? “The Problem with Positive Thinking”


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