This & That: No. 126

Sep 26, 2014

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~Art Exhibit

~Mac Conner: A New York  Life

Think Mad Men era, add a dose of Norman Rockwell’s idealized America and you’ve got artist Mac Conner’s illustrations. As an artist who was hired to help redefine America after WWII, Conner created advertisements for McCall’s and Redbook. And while on the surface there is resides classic American ideals, if you look closely a subtle unsettling truth is revealed. The exhibit is open to the public at The Museum of the City of New York through January 19th.


~Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” by Lena Dunham

After receiving a pretty penny of an advance to publish her first book, actress, director and producer Lena Dunham of HBO’s hit series “Girls” will release her first book on September 30th.  A hilarious, yet frank collection of essays, early releases have already drawn praise from David Sedaris as well as Judy Blume. An intriguing book no doubt to take a look at.


~Simply Laura

Known for her widely well-known cooking blog, Laura in the Kitchen, Laura Vitale debuts her new cooking show, Simply Laura, on The Cooking Channel this Saturday, September 27th.  With ideas for seasonal, simple recipes, her Italian roots will kick everything off, but she will cook All-American fare as well.


~Barbra Streisand Partners

Already topping the Billboard charts after less than a week, Barbra Streisand’s latest album, Partners, is receiving deserved praise. Revisiting some of her well-known titles such as “People” & “The Way We Were”, this time around she has company such as Michael Buble, John Legend, Josh Groban, Billy Joel and Babyface. Her son Jason Gould even joins her in a duet that is sure to please. Whether a forever fan of Streisand’s or just being introduced, the music is mellow and her voice as strong as ever.


~DVF modal cashmere lightweight garnet print scarf

It’s fall and that means the scarves are coming out of the closet. As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of prints, but rather solid classic dresses and tops, I love accessorizing with beautiful print scarves such as this one from DVF. The warm pink tones bring out the blush in anyone’s cheeks and offer a touch of subtle femininity that is always fun to add to any wardrobe.


~The Mysteries of Laura

Okay, while I’m not giving Debra Messing’s new dramedy The Mysteries of Laura five stars, I am thrilled to see her back in a role that allows her comedic genius to shine. Playing the role of a detective/mom/wife-seeking-divorce-from-husband-that-won’t-sign-the-papers, she has ample opportunity to make the serious playful and hysterical all the while catching the bad guy. Tune in at 8 pm on NBC each Wednesday night.

chocolat ~recipe for Pain au Chocolat~

A brisk fall weekend looks to be ahead of us, and I am eager to nibble on a sweet morning treat such as the one above while catching my breath. Where did the week go?

The dogs and I are heading to Portland for a groom (them) and celebration with friends (me). It’s been too long since I’ve been there, so I am eager to also pop into my favorite consignment shop and maybe take in a matinee of an independent film that catches my eye. Either way, it is the weekend, and things will unfold as they do, and aren’t unexpected surprises a treat in such occasions?

Below are a few articles I thought you might enjoy. Have a lovely weekend, and until Monday, bonjour!

~Looking for beautiful vintage finds online, and would prefer a Parisian’s taste? Check out Tresor Parisien’s interview with founders of here.

~An intriguing discussion took place on The New York Times’ Upshot section when marriage rates and incomes were the topic of discussion. After reading the article, be sure to read the NYTimes Comments of Choice as well.

~Need a reminder of how much your life path is under your control? Read 22 Harsh Truths That Will Jolt You Awake.

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6 thoughts on “This & That: No. 126

  1. I will have to check out the Barbara Striesand cd, love her, especially the track people.
    Autumn arrived with force here in Greece today, first time with the widows closed since Spring!
    Enjoy your weekend in Portland.

  2. Love the Cavalier on the stairs. Love the rest of the blog too but have a special place in my heart for Cavaliers.

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