This & That: No. 124

Sep 12, 2014

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~Article to Read

~What French Kids Eat for School Lunch

Many of you may be astounded by the menu shared of everyday school lunches in France in this article, but those who have read other similar articles and books, will most likely nod your head without shock. While it may seem impossible for quality, balanced meals to be served at public institutions for children, the French are a reminder that a sound foundation often begins with what we eat. Have a look and feel free to comment. I’d love to hear what you think.


~Diana Krall Wallflower

Being released on October 21st, Diana Krall’s latest album is on my wish list. Her sultry, jazz inspired music is something I regularly listen to, and based on the medley that is available to listen to here, it will be a treat.


~Stendig 2015 Calendar

Many readers have inquired about my wall calendar in my office, and I am happy to share with you that Stendig’s 2015 calendars are now available. For only $35, you can order here. And if you want to see it as shown in my home office, click here.


~Petit Bateau

The classic nautical stripe comfort company is now available on Net-a-Porter. One of my favorite cotton sweatshirts to wear is a a white boatneck style from Petit Bateau, and as it is hard to find this brand in the US, I was excited to discover they were more readily available. Have a look at a few of my favorite picks above, but also click the link to see the entire selection.

~Cole Haan gray suede pumps

Suede and fall seem to go together, and since it is more readily available this season along with the gray hue, when I saw these gray suede pumps, I immediately that they would be a wonderful addition to any fall wardrobe.


~The Roosevelts: An Intimate History on PBS

Ken Burns who is a talent when it comes to producing documentaries, has created his most recent film spotlighting the three Roosevelts that have left indelible marks on the path of US history. Beginning with Theodore’s birth in the late 1800s and ending with Eleanor’s death, Meryl Streep, Paul Giamatti and Edward Herrman provide the voices of each of the three stars as they read from their letters.  Airing on PBS this Sunday, September 14th, set your DVRs, as their triumphs, their heartbreaks and their missteps are included. Click here to listen to an interview with Ken Burns, and view below a preview.



~recipe for Spiced Poached Pear With Warm Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream~

Fall is in the air. I can feel it, can you? With the chill in the mornings and the need for a coat in the evenings, my need to pull on a light-weight sweater is an option for day . . . and I’m loving it, I must say. As the apples and pears begin popping up at farmers’ markets in endless options and stands, the warm glow of summer on our skin begins to gradually fade.

This past week has been my last week of summer holiday, and I am savoring it – early morning walks with the dogs, losing all track of time and going to bed whenever my body clock urges me to turn in. But this won’t last for long I realize. All the more reason to savor the changing of the season.

Speaking of seasons, this week marked the beginning of a new venture for the blog as The Simple Sophisticate podcast kicked off. Two episodes were released on Monday, so do be sure to have a listen (click here). I can’t thank listeners enough, as within 48 hours, the podcast debuted at #14 on iTunes New & Noteworthy in the Self-Help sections. I had to double check as I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thank you oh so much for your enthusiasm, positive reviews and support. Stop by next Monday for a brand new episode. Speaking of listening to podcasts, a new app you might want to have a look at is Overcast. Allowing listeners to keep the volume in check, providing an even sound and many other options that aren’t available in Apple’s Podcast app, have a look here. And if you prefer to listen on Stitcher radio, you now can!

And as I sign-off for the weekend, here are a few articles you might enjoy reading . . .

~Looking for some fall style inspiration? Read NYC Fall Weekends in The New York Times.

~Compelling Reasons Not To Give Kids Smart Phones . . .

~12 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Life

And as NYFW wrapped up yesterday and moves to London, I’ve included a few of my favorite runway looks, but be sure to view all of my favorites here.

Have a wonderful weekend, and until Monday, bonjour.




9 thoughts on “This & That: No. 124

  1. Particular thanks for the Diana Krall link Shannon, we are great fans of hers, we had a ball seeing her at the Sydney Opera House some years ago.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I just wanted to tell you that as an avid blog reader of all different kinds of blogs, I find yours one of the best and is the one I look forward to the most. The information you post about books, movies, fashion, documentaries, etc. have led me to some very interesting discoveries. I hope you keep up with your blog for a long time to come!

    Best regards,
    Karen Noble

  3. Wow…can I be a little French schoolgirl?? Those lunches are amazing. Even more amazing is the way they sit down to eat it (table manners, table setting, multi-course meals), as well as all the walking they do. I walk a lot myself and know it helps tremendously in staying fit, but I think we can all learn from the French to make our everyday meals feel a little fancier and really slow down to enjoy them.

    Thanks for sharing! P.S. Love Diana Krall!

  4. While I think promoting healthy eating for kids in France is great (though I can’t imagine every school is like that?) I find I shocking the amount of smokers there are, at least in Paris. Young, old, everyone. It still seemed the same to me on my recent visit a few weeks ago. I can’t understand why healthy eating is valued, but then the notion of smoking is taken so lightly and accepted socially so readily. Nothing is perfect!

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