This & That: No. 122

Aug 29, 2014

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Tools for stylish organization, a cozy mystery series set in France (yes, another one!), a documentary full of art, France and food and so much more . . .


~Searching for Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island

As a young girl, I grew up with Anne Shirley as my mom had read each of the novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and introduced them to me as well as each of the movies that brought to life a young, determined girl as she navigated the world. Recently in The New York Times Travel section, writer Ann Mah returned to Prince Edward Island in Canada to seek out the Anne she had grown to love. The article is an enjoyable read, with a bit of disappointment, but overall, a glimpse into a world where dreams begin.


~Death at the Chateau Bremont: A Verlaque and Bonnet Mystery by M.L. Longworth

In the southern French town of Aix-en-Provence, M.L. Longworth sets her French mystery series. Weaving in scenes full of food and assuring readers an absence of violence, while listening to a recent interview with the author, I immediately knew I would be a fan. With three books in the series available to read, her fourth will be released on September 30th (click here to pre-order). But if you are like me and are just getting started, begin with Death at the Chateau Bremont where along with the main plot of the mystery, the two primary characters provide an on-again-off-again romance as they are much like the pairing of oil and water.


~2015 Inslee Calendar

I couldn’t help but mention that Inslee’s 2015 calendar is available for pre-order, and if you order before September 1st, you receive $10 off the original price ($45 $35). Ready to be delivered in September to ensure you are all ready for the new year to begin, do take a look at her 12 calendar girls here.


~Monet’s Palate – A Gastronomic View from the Gardens of Giverny

France. Food. Art. Meryl Streep’s voice. Ah, what a dream-of-a-combination. In a delightful documentary, Monet’s Palate, Meryl Streep narrates Claude Monet’s world in which his love for painting as well as his love for great cuisine is spotlighted. Debuting ten years ago, viewers continue to enjoy the sights and the history that Aileen Bordman’s film explores. Have a glimpse below:

~Get Organized!

~JSTORY Monthly Planner note book

It’s back to school time and that means keeping track of it all and then some. So when I discovered these JStory monthly planners available in five different sizes and containing thirteen blank months (you can begin whenever you purchase it!), I was intrigued. Needless to say, the medium size is on its way, and I know I will have no problem filling it up.


~Banana Republic’s Labor Day Sale – 40% off

~As I have been working with clients helping them to create their fall capsule wardrobes, I’ve been stopping by Banana Republic from time to time, and I just noticed a Labor Sale that is not to be missed – 40% off the entire site and in stores with code BRLABOR – 40% through September 1st!

I found this fantastic black jersey long-sleeve dress (see below) as well as a few other items I think you might enjoy, have a look.



~recipe for Blueberry Crumb Bars with Rosemary Crust~

And now the long weekend before the schedules of work and school get back onto the rails for better or for worse. Hopefully you will have some time to catch a few more moments on the beach or outdoors during these next couple of days. I too am squeezing in as much relaxation time as I can as I traveled to the country to let my dogs get some more time outdoors leash-free.

However, as the new season begins, that means TSLL Fall Shopping Guide is about to be released to newsletter subscribers. Bright and early on Monday September 1st, the 2014 Fall Shopping Guide will be emailed – full of trends to splurge and save on as well as the ability to shop directly from the newsletter items that have been hand-picked by the editor (me!). If you have subscribed to the weekly newsletter, you will automatically receive it, but if you simply want to subscribe to bi-annual newsletter, sign-up here.

In the meantime, here are few items you might enjoy reading as two days off turns into three . . .

~It’s the weekend and it’s time to enjoy ourselves. Undoubtedly a dose of laughter will be involved – 13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Laughing

~Carol Cottrill takes readers along with her as she strolls through New York City’s Central Park – oh, to have an escape from the city right at your backdoor!

~7 Tips to Speed up the Decluttering Process . . . a streamlined schedule and life is what enables the luxuriousness to be savored. Becoming Minimalist helps readers get started.

~Speaking of creating a life that is full of what adds value and eliminating what doesn’t – 10 Toxic Habits That Drain Your Energy

Wishing you a wonderful last few days of August sunshine. Until Monday, bonjour!

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10 thoughts on “This & That: No. 122

  1. Shannon I always enjoy This and That but today’s is huge! Thank you. I especially thank you for the Anne Of Green Gables NYT article. My 85 year old aunt introduced me to Anne almost 50 (!!) years ago, I can now recite many passages. I have sent the link to the article to my aunt and, from that, sent her a surprise parcel from Amazon.

    1. Kindred spirits! From these books and films did I first hear the term. There is something about Anne that is so very hard to forget after reading as a young girl. I’m so happy you enjoyed this week’s post! 🙂

  2. Shannon, thanks so much for the Anne of Green Gables link! I grew up in Canada and had long red hair like Anne, so my grandmother gave me the book to read when I was eleven. Loved it then, and always will. Congratulations on your own book! Very exciting. I really appreciate all the great information and tips you always provide in This &That – thanks again!

  3. Hi Shannon, love your website – I’ve been following it for a few years (am a fellow Francophile) and I’m certainly looking forward to reading your book, congratulations! Imagine my surprise when I read this particular post. I live in rural Prince Edward Island about 30 km from Cavendish and the “Anne” sites. it was lovely to read the NYT article, your comments and those of your readers. Thanks so much.

  4. Shannon,

    I recently found your blog and enjoy it very much. I missed subscribing to your fall shopping guide by a day. Is there any way I can still receive it?


      1. Thank you so much for the quick response! Congratulations on your book 🙂
        I’m loving the Fall shopping guide. Will use it as a guide to plan my wardrobe for the first time.

  5. Shannon,

    Thank you for your gracious mention of my film Monet’s Palate. The book will be released spring 2015 with a Foreword by my friend Meryl Streep. Merci! Aileen Bordman

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