This & That: No.101

Mar 25, 2014

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A music app to suit your mood, a book on chic, stylish decor, a documentary that will intrigue and more . . .



As someone who doesn’t collect or buy music, but thoroughly enjoys listening to a well-structured playlist of my favorite tunes, I was happy to discover the free music playlist app Songza (you can also listen to it on your computer). Self-described as a music concierge, it truly does choose music to your specific tastes.

Unlike Pandora or iMusic, it is organized first by the time of day. For example, as I’m writing this post (late morning on a Monday), the first six options are “Brand New Music”, “Keeping Mellow & Calm”, “Driving”, “Enjoying the Morning”, “Working in an Office” and “Savoring Soulful Favorites”. Once I click on my preference, it then gives me options for the type of genre I prefer, and then finally it gives me three very specific options.

Once I select the final option, three hours of music on random repeat will continue until I press pause. If I love the particular playlist, I can save it. Needless to say, Songza offers a much more tailored music listening experience designed to the time of day, our mood and our predilections. I think you’ll love it.


~Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour by Rachel Zoe

Finally Rachel Zoe’s book is released and I cannot wait to pour over my copy. If the image from the book below is any indication it will be full of chic, stylish ideas and inspiration for anyone wanting to add their own signature to their abode.




Opening last week in select theaters, the documentary Anita which tells the story of Anita Hill, the young professor who accused a Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of unwanted sexual advances in her testimony to the US Senate in 1991, reveals the consequences and the strength one must have to speak up and do their civic duty when injustice has occurred regardless of who is being accused. Directed and written by Freida Lee Mock, the film debuted at Sundance in 2013 to very warm reviews. As one who vaguely remembers the hearings as they occurred but as since become aware of the minute details that were available to the public, I am curious to watch the film. Below is a preview.


~Jord Wood Watches

Last month I was given the opportunity to receive a Jord Wood Watch. Yes, you heard that right – a wooden watch. And being intrigued, I poked around their website to see if it might be something I’d be interested in. Needless to say, I choose the Ely series wood watch and am quite impressed with its quality craftsmanship and aesthetic (shown wearing the Ely in the image above). Easy to wear with white or neutral colors, my Jord watch is another option for casual, chic accessorizing. With the same size as my other boyfriend bracelet watches, it’s light, yet sturdy.

~Kate Spade New York Lana Laser Cut Floral Pumps

With spring’s arrival come time to put the boots back in the closet and bring out the peep toes and sandals; however, for work and whenever my pedicure isn’t looking its best, pumps are still my go to. Kate Spade’s laser cut pumps offer a filigree effect for feet with a beautiful neutral pump. I think this pair has just jumped to the top of my wish list.


~Mr. Selfridge’s

Season two of Masterpiece Classic series Mr. Selfridge’s returns this Sunday (March 30th) on PBS (9pm).  As the season begins, five years has passed and it is 1914, with the store celebrating its fifth anniversary. Jeremy Piven stars as Harry Selfridge who is longing for his wife Rose (Frances O’Connor) and Agnes, the young, talented creative is now working in Paris. I must say, I can’t wait to get caught up.

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  1. Just downloaded Songza–love it! Listening to “Saturday morning, drinking gourmet coffee” (because I am)! Thanks so much 🙂

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